Fourier Intelligence Gears up for Foray into German, European Markets with Medica Attendance

Shanghai robotics startup and leader in rehabilitation technology made waves at the world's largest medical and healthcare goods fair in Germany, seeking growth opportunities and new partnerships.


Fourier Intelligence staff explain to visitors at Medica 2019 how to use the company's new ArmMotus M2 Pro upper extremity rehabilitation robot.

Shanghai, November 26, 2019—Shanghai Fourier Intelligence, a leading domestic designer and producer of mass-market rehabilitation robotics, has just wrapped up its inaugural participation in Medica 2019 in Dusseldorf, Germany, showcasing how innovations in rehabilitation technology can drive change in patient care and physiotherapy in not just Germany but also the wider European market.

It is the four-year-old Shanghai-based startup's first attendance at Medica, arguably the world's largest annual trade fair for medical equipment and healthcare-related consumer goods. Now in its 40th year and held at the Messe Dusseldorf GmbH from November 18 to 21 this year, Medica attracts 120,000 visitors and 5,500 exhibitors on average per year.

During this year's Medica, Fourier Intelligence partnered with Proxomed, a German manufacturer of medical training therapy equipment, and set up a joint booth to display its flagship robotic devices. This is the first such tie-up between a Chinese tech startup and a local dealer, according to a company statement from Fourier Intelligence.

Fourier Intelligence partnered with Proxomed, a German manufacturer of medical training therapy equipment, and set up a joint booth to display its flagship robotic devices ExoMotus X1 exoskeleton and ArmMotus M2 Pro rehabilitation robot at Medica 2019.

"We had this (joint booth) because we had forged a strategic alliance with Proxomed," said Tai Zhi Kang, business development manager of Fourier Intelligence.

He notes that agreement between the two sides covers areas such as distribution and sale of each other's products in targeted markets, among other things. "Fourier Intelligence is the exclusive distributor of Proxomed's product line in countries including Brunei, Myanmar, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand," Tai said. "In return, Proxomed will help distribute and market Fourier Intelligence's robotics in Germany."

Another highlight of Fourier Intelligence's participation at Medica 2019 is that the firm exhibited its updated ArmMotus M2 Pro upper extremity rehabilitation robot, ahead of its official launch scheduled for November 29 at a forum in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.

The new M2 Pro robot is not only sleeker in appearance; it acquires new features that are more user-friendly.

"The new M2 Pro is not only more elegant in appearance; it acquires features that are more user-friendly," Tai claimed. "We had an average 150 to 200 visitors to our booth during Medica. Many marveled at how fast this product iteration came about for a startup company."

Medica has been a frontier for Fourier Intelligence, which currently ships its products to 20 countries and regions, to explore possibilities of new partnership and collaboration. The company is looking to expand its network of distributors to include players from the Philippines, Romania, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, as professional visitors from these countries expressed interest in Fourier Intelligence’s technology during Medica 2019.

Commenting on the firm's inaugural Medica experience, Tai said the initial positive feedback regarding ArmMotus M2 Pro provided a shot in the arm for Fourier Intelligence's plan to further tap the European market, as the firm, which closed its Series B fundraising round in July, has gone into overdrive to make greater strides in new markets.

"We have provided training to a local consultant and staff from Proxomed on how to use our robotic devices," he explained. "Going forward, we trust them to represent us well in the German market and derive customer satisfaction through their remarkable clinical application and support."

About Fourier Intelligence
Fourier Intelligence is a technology-driven company, infusing creativity into the development of exoskeleton and rehabilitation robotics since 2015. Together with researchers, therapists and patients, we aim to excel in developing and redefining rehabilitation robotics solutions with interconnectable intelligent robotics technology by elevating user experience with an intuitive, easy-to-use system to enhance the lives of both patients and therapists.

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