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Fourier Intelligence Teams up with Hospital Los Madroños on Robotics-powered Neurorehabilitation

Shanghai startup to work alongside Spanish medical professionals on the application of robotics in biomechanics and physiotherapy


From left: Dr José Luis Pons of Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, Professor Jesús Tornero and Professor Antonio Oliviero of Hospital Los Madroños, Zen Koh of Fourier Intelligence and Denny Oetomo of the University of Melbourne attend the MoU signing ceremony to mark Fourier's deepening ties with the leading Spanish hospital.

Shanghai, September 25 –– Shanghai Fourier Intelligence, a leading designer and producer of rehabilitation robotics, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Hospital Los Madroños (HLM) in Spain, in a bid to further align its technology with the needs of clinicians and therapists.

The signing of MoU is the latest in a series of agreements struck between the 4-year-old Shanghai startup and institutions of global significance, including Chicago-based Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, ETH Zürich Sensory-Motor System Lab, University of Melbourne and Malaysia's largest public hospital UiTM.

The cooperation with HLM, which is one of the most advanced neurological hospitals in southern Europe, will see Fourier Intelligence supplying its state-of-the-art technology to support clinical research at the Spanish hospital in Brunete, a town northwest of Madrid.

According to the MoU, the Shanghai-based company will carry out joint research with HLM in areas such as neurology, neurophysiology, biomechanics, robotics, machine learning and neurological rehabilitation.

"Fourier Intelligence will provide our upper limb rehabilitation robot ArmMotus M2 and exoskeleton ExoMotus X2 to be used as research platforms for this collaboration," said Zen Koh, deputy CEO and chief strategy officer of Fourier Intelligence.

Widely hailed as a top-notch hospital and research institute with expertise in neurology and physiotherapy, HLM is one of the most important members of Global Exo Technology Research, Benchmarking, Standardisation Centre of Excellence (GET2EXCEL), an organisation dedicated to the advocacy of standards, policies and regulation concerning exoskeleton technology.

"This tie-up is strategically important for us," said Koh. "Through testing our equipment at HLM, we can get the clinical feedback necessary for iteration of our products."

Jesús Tornero, who is responsible for the image diagnostic unit at HLM, said future application of exoskeleton for rehabilitation will assume the standardisation of clinical protocols and serve as the foundation of international networks with open-source data.

"Exoskeleton will become not only a basic tool in rehab hospitals but also will emerge in therapy clinics and in the future in domestic environment," said Tornero.

He added that staff at HLM will modify some internal procedures to make the interaction between medical doctors, therapists and engineers a key point in their rehabilitation process.

About Fourier Intelligence
Fourier Intelligence is an innovative global technology company focusing on developing, manufacturing and marketing of rehabilitation robotics and exoskeleton. The company is committed to making life easier for overworked therapists by cutting their workload since much of their treatment is person to person. Fourier’s ultimate goal is to enhance the efficiency of therapy for stroke victims and other patients and help to fill the shortfall of qualified therapists in China and beyond.

About Los Madroños Hospital
Los Madroños Hospital is a complete General Medical-Surgical Hospital, in the town of Brunete, in the northwestern part of the Community of Madrid. Los Madroños Hospital has all the services of a hospital and stands out for the leadership of its Advanced Neurorehabilitation Unit in addition to its high specialisation in the field of Neurosciences (Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neurophysiology, Neuroradiology).

For investor and media inquiries, please contact:
Mr Zen Koh (Deputy CEO / Chief Strategy Officer)
Fourier Intelligence
Phone: +65-9338-2328

Mr Jesús Tornero (Responsable Unidad Diagnóstico por Imagen)
Hospital Los Madroños
Phone: +34650036129




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