Fourier Intelligence To Field A Team Of Exoskeleton ‘Athletes’ For Cybathlon 2020

Shanghai, March 29, 2019 – Fourier Intelligence and University of Melbourne today announce to deepen their collaboration and join forces in a sports team, Advanced Lower Extremity eXoskeleton (A.L.E.X.) to attend Cybathlon competition in Zurich, 2020. This partnership focuses on representing the advances of Fourier X2 modular exoskeleton robotics and demonstrating its functionality in achieving typical tasks of daily life within the contest to other competitors.

Cybathlon is a championship for individuals with disabilities using advanced robotic assistive devices. A group of respective expertise from Fourier Intelligence and the University of Melbourne and their volunteer athletes, called pilots, team up for attending the Cybathlon 2020.

Pilots are those suffering from spinal cord injuries while their action commands from brains cannot pass through the damaged spinal nerves.

How, then, can researchers offer hope to assist these pilots in walking again and improving life self-care ability? The answer comes from the technology of lower extremity exoskeleton.

By applying Fourier X2 Intelligent Rehabilitation Robotics, this wearable device can read and react to users’ movement intentions and as a result, keep users mobile and independent. Furthermore, the team deploys the new, enhanced algorithm to adjust the users’ gait in real-time based on multi-dimensional mechanical sensors.

The highlight of Fourier X2 Robotics is the optimised user-centred handling. Interactive response by sensing the users’ intentions and needs instead of predetermine actions differentiates Fourier X2 apart from any other product in this field.

“Fourier X2 increases the torque output and breaks through the boundary of single training mode,” says Alex Gu, chief executive of Fourier Intelligence. “X2 is much more comfortable and user-friendly.” This could give the team a competitive advantage in Cybathlon race.

Altogether, the Cybathlon comprises six sporting disciplines and team A.L.E.X will be competing in the Powered Exoskeleton Race. During the competition, the pilots are challenged with a series of basic tasks including sitting down on a sofa and standing up, walking a slalom course and titled surfaces, walking up and down a steep ramp, opening a door and walking through it, walking over stepping stones. As the competition progresses, the challenges get more difficult for the pilots, for example completing tasks such as waking up and down stairs. The pilot with the best overall time wins.


Confirmed participating teams of Powered Exoskeleton Race

Team A.L.E.X will face various opponents from 10 countries during the race. Cybathlon is providing a valuable opportunity for industry and academia to compare and contrast a diverse range of assistive technologies under one roof, which has not been done on this scale before. It is motivating and rewarding to raise social awareness of assistive technology and disability, which eventually will encourage the translation of new technology.

As Zen Koh, Chief Strategy Officer of Fourier Intelligence said: “We notice that there is still a long way to promote exoskeleton robotics to be safer and more wearable. However, participating Cybathlon could provide us with a platform to represent our technologies and converge the goals between researchers and end-users. Meanwhile, we could widen the horizon to share and learn from others to lead to advances in the field.”

Team A.L.E.X puts massive efforts to prepare for the Cybathlon and looks forward to achieving great success at the race.

Fourier Intelligence is an innovative global technology company focusing on the developing, manufacturing and marketing of rehabilitation robotics and exoskeleton, based in Singapore and Shanghai. We strive to develop evidence-based top quality medical technologies that are accessible and affordable for all (hospitals, community-based rehab clinics, etc.).

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