Fourier Intelligence Launches The New LineMotus™ L1


LineMotus™ L1 will be the new lightweight and portable upper limb rehabilitation robotics

BEIJING, Nov 27-29, 2020 – 4th Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine Annual Conference and International Rehabilitation Equipment Expo was held at the Beijing National Convention Center. Fourier Intelligence participated in the exhibition and released a new product, LineMotus™ L1 which is an intelligent linear motion training robot to empower the health care institutions in the elementary level.

LineMotus™ L1 inherits the design concept of “Less is more”. It simplifies the tedious upper limb rehabilitation exercises yet achieves point-to-point repetitive linear motion. The device is designed to be light and portable, easy to install, and suitable for a variety of rehabilitation methods

Thanks to LineMotus™’s streamlined and compact structural design, users can adjust to a variety of training positions to achieve their rehabilitation goals. Users can also combine multiple devices to achieve complex exercise training such as shoulder joint adduction and abduction, elbow joint flexion and extension, and pushing-pulling motion.

With gamification training methods, multi-sensory interactive feedback can be achieved. With the immersive and interactive experience, users can have visual-audio feedback. The built-in mechanics of the interactive games are very much suitable for elderlies in the community health centre to train their muscle strength, control, and reaction.

LineMotus Games
Therapy games provided by the LineMotus L1

With the Fourier Intelligence’s advanced device interconnection technology, multiple devices can be interconnected and interacted in real time. This can be implemented to both single and double upper limb training or group training, which gives LineMotus™ L1 its uniqueness when it comes to rehabilitation training.

Adhering to the fine tradition of Fourier intelligent rehabilitation robots, LineMotus™ L1 uses a new independently developed motion control card and high-performance motor to fully upgrade the core force feedback algorithm to achieve precise force control. The built-in high-precision sensor ensures that the whole training process is quantifiable.

It supports a full set of training modes such as active, passive, assistive, and resistance. It also provides personalised programs for various training such as motion control, muscle strength, and cognition, which covers the needs of the entire rehabilitation period.

Alex Gu Jie, CEO of Fourier Intelligence, mentioned that in the entire Fourier Intelligence RehabHub™ concept, LineMotus™ L1 is an entry-level linear motion training robotic device. The adoption of robotics at all level speeds up the coverage of intelligent rehabilitation system and promotes the abundancy of the industry hence bringing more intelligent technology into daily life. This allows more elderly people to enjoy intelligent rehabilitation services.

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