International Research Collaborations From the New Partnership Between Kobe University and Fourier Intelligence

(Top row, from left): Associate Professor Sasithorn Sung-U, Professor Hisafumi Yasuda, Mr Zen Koh, Associate Professor Tomoko Uchida, and Professor Rumi Tanemura.

(Bottom row, from left): Ms Hayley Lim, Mr Owen Teoh, and Ms Sarah Lim.

Partnership aims to promote advanced rehabilitation technology and integrate group therapy into the clinical setting

SINGAPORE, Feb 26, 2021 Fourier Intelligence has started a new partnership with Kobe University, Japan. This partnership signifies Fourier Intelligence’s global vision in promoting accessibility and adoption of rehabilitation technology. For Kobe University, this is the continuation to integrate education, research, and technology to support clinicians in delivering top-quality rehabilitation services.

The global rehabilitation robots market size was valued at USD 529.8 Million in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 2,617.3 Million by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 22.1% during the forecast period. This is according to market research firm Globe Newswire. Demand for rehabilitation robots is expected to be very strong in Japan, given its rapidly greying and shrinking population.

Rehabilitation robots are expected to help the elderly regain their independence of daily living and avoid becoming bed ridden. Robotics can also enable patients to train independently and with minimum clinician intervention. This could be a major incentive for countries facing the dwindling population of working-age people who must care for the increasingly mushrooming number of retirees. By 2035, it is estimated a third of Japan’s population would be aged 65 or older.

HandyRehab™ hand exoskeleton
The HandyRehab™ hand exoskeleton on the OTParvos™ digital smartboard.

Therefore, this partnership comes in timely to address rehabilitation needs for the elderly and neurorehabilitation patient populations. Professor Rumi Tanemura from the Department of Rehabilitation Science would be leading the research efforts for this partnership. The research would focus on Fourier Intelligence’s Upper Limb RehabHub™ series, introducing translational research into the clinical setting. The partnership would focus on the portable finger rehabilitation glove, the HandyRehab™, paired with the digital smartboard, OTParvos™.

“We’re delighted to be able to forge this new partnership with Kobe University, which is one of the highest-ranked universities in Japan,” said Mr Zen Koh, Fourier Intelligence’s Global Hub Chief Executive Officer. “This collaboration aims to introduce previously research-oriented projects on rehabilitation robotics into clinical settings. This will tremendously improve the efficiency of clinical services for clinicians and resulting in better clinical outcomes for patients.”

“We are excited in this partnership with Fourier Intelligence and to join their global research network in introducing advanced rehabilitation technology for Japan’s rehabilitation services,” said Professor Rumi Tanemura. “We believe this is mutually beneficial, as Kobe University trains some of the best therapists in Japan and combining our in-depth clinical knowhow, we can jointly develop technologies that will be highly relevant for our hospitals.”

The HandyRehab™ hand exoskeleton on the OTParvos™ accessory

The Memorandum of Understanding signing event took place virtually on the 24th of February with Professor Hisafumi Yasuda, Dean of the Graduate School of Health Sciences, Kobe University and Mr Zen Koh. The signing was witnessed by Kobe University’s Professor Rumi Tanemura, Associate Professor Tomoko Uchida, and Associate Professor Sasithorn Sung-U from Chiang Mai University. From Fourier Intelligence, Mr Owen Teoh, General Manager, Ms Hayley Lim, Assistant Business Development Director and Ms Sarah Lim, Senior Manager of Clinical Applications and Scientific Research attended the virtual event.

The partnership will focus on efficacy research on the upper limb robotics for patients. Ultimately, the partnership will collaborate on multi-centre trials that will involve Fourier Intelligence’s extensive global network of researchers and laboratories.

About Kobe University
Kobe University is a leading Japanese national university located in the city of Kobe, in Hyōgo. Predecessor of Kobe University School of Medicine Faculty of Health Sciences was established in 1949, but the academic origins of Kobe University trace back to the establishment of Kobe Higher Commercial School in 1902, which was renamed Kobe University of Commerce, and Kobe University of Economics. Kobe University is one of the oldest and largest national universities in Japan and one of the highest-ranking national universities in the country. It comprises of 15 graduate schools and 11 undergraduate faculties and holds about 16,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs. The institution welcomes overseas students, which accounted for 1,227 students, as of the 1st of May 2020. It also has 3,734 staff members, including professors, associate professors, and administrative officials. Read more about Kobe University here

About HandyRehab™
HandyRehab™ is an intelligent hand rehabilitation robotic glove that targets the fine motor skills of the user by providing various functional finger movement training. It is portable, lightweight and also provides human-computer interactions by integrating electromyographic biofeedback technology. For more information, click here

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