Fourier Intelligence awarded triple top awards at the 84th China International Medical Equipment Spring Expo

ArmMotus M2 Pro

Tech unicorn awarded prestigious awards at the 84th China International Medical Equipment Spring Expo 

SHANGHAI, May 28, 2021Fourier Intelligence, a global rehabilitation technology leader, has been awarded the prestigious “Top Leading Rehabilitation Technology Enterprise Award” at the 84th China International Medical Equipment (CMEF) Spring Expo. Beating some of the best entries, Fourier Intelligence’s newly revamped ArmMotus™ M2 Pro snatched two coveted awards: the “Most Innovative Rehabilitation Robotic Award” and the “Outstanding Industrial Design Award” at the annual top medical equipment event.

Alex GU, Founder, Group CEO, Fourier Intelligence

“We are not just a medical device manufacturing company,” Mr. Alex GU, Founder, Group CEO of Fourier Intelligence, says. “Our core competency is our abilities to integrate sensors, haptic technology, motion control, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and 5G optimally into the RehabHub™ concept, which revolutionalised how technologies are being used in the clinical settings. As one of the world-leading companies in rehabilitation robotics, Fourier Intelligence has successfully installed thousands of devices in over 54 countries, benefiting millions of patients.”

Fourier Intelligence’s RehabHub™ – Centralised Management System and RehabCloud

Recognising Fourier Intelligence’s trailblazing and revolutionary global RehabHub™ concept, CMEF awarded Fourier Intelligence with the prestigious “Top Leading Rehabilitation Technology Enterprise Award.”

“The RehabHub™ is an integrated, comprehensive, interconnected rehabilitation platform that makes rehabilitation services affordable, quantifiable, standardised and intelligent, utilising 5G, AI, and haptic technology,” Mr. Zen KOH, Co-Founder, Group Deputy CEO of Fourier Intelligence, says. “These awards are strong votes of confidence and recognition of our efforts in developing medical technologies to improves patients’ clinical recovery. We will continue to innovate and chart the course.”

Mr. Zen Koh, Co-Founder, Group Deputy CEO, Fourier Intelligence

The award-winning ArmMotus™ M2 Pro is an upper extremity rehabilitation robot equipped with advanced haptic force feedback powered by high-performance motors. It can deliver a highly immersive and interactive gamified functional training environment that motivates the users to perform self-initiated functional movements in high repetitions.

Fourier Intelligence’s ArmMotus™ M2 Pro is awarded the
“Most Innovative Rehabilitation Robotic Award” and the “Outstanding Industrial Design Award” at CMEF

The highly innovative system provides an assist-as-needed feature that seamlessly supports the user through challenging task-oriented training. The integrated AI system generates a patient-specific training program for clinicians to enhance users’ progressive clinical recovery further. With machine learning techniques, gamification and remote monitoring capabilities, ArmMotus™ M2 Pro will enable health professionals to provide a personalised cognitive rehabilitation therapy.

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