Revolutionary University and Industry Partnership between Fourier Intelligence and the University of South Australia

Fourier Intelligence partners with the University of South Australia to advance innovative technology-based rehabilitation and cutting-edge research

ADELAIDE, Aug 17, 2021 – Fourier Intelligence has announced a partnership with the University of South Australia. This partnership is aligned with both parties that envision well-integrated technology-led rehabilitation. Both parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in a recent virtual signing ceremony.

Building upon Fourier Intelligence’s group therapy concept, the university will focus on group upper limb therapy via the ArmMotus™ M2 device. The devices used will enable the users to undertake competitive games and, in the future, collaborative games in real-time. The devices have haptic feedback technology to recreate the experience of touch and encourage users to sense their virtual environment.

From top left: Mr Zen Koh, CEO of Fourier Intelligence Global Hub, Professor Susan Hillier, and Dr Brenton Hordacre from the University of South Australia.  
From bottom left: Mr Zhi Kang Tai, Director, Mr Owen Teoh, General Manager and Ms Sarah Lim, Senior Manager from Fourier Intelligence.

The MOU was signed by Professor Susan Hillier, Dean of Research in Allied Health & Human Performance at the University of South Australia, and Mr Zen Koh, Fourier Intelligence’s Global Hub Chief Executive Officer. The signing was witnessed by Dr Brenton Hordacre, lecturer and research fellow at the University of South Australia, and Ms Sarah Lim, Senior Manager of Clinical Application and Research at Fourier Intelligence. Both the General Manager, Mr Owen Teoh and Business Development Director, Mr Zhi Kang Tai of Fourier Intelligence attended the simple virtual ceremony too.

“Technology makes all the difference in rehabilitation after a surgery or injury,” said Mr Zen Koh. “Fourier is thrilled to partner with the University of South Australia; we believe providing students with early exposure to rehab technology is critical in pushing innovation.”

A patient training with the ArmMotus M2 at the student-led clinic

“The university has a vision for being a centre of excellence for technology-based rehabilitation and Brenton and his team are spearheading that,” said Professor Hillier.

“It is not only great that we can expose students to these technologies in the student-led clinic, but we can also educate the public via workshops. That positions us as the leaders within the rehabilitation field, thanks to Fourier’s help.”

The ArmMotus™ M2 was contributed in-kind, in accordance with their 3rd Global Hub anniversary in May, to the University of South Australia as part of Fourier Intelligence’s effort of increasing technology adoption at the university level.

Two ArmMotus™ M2 interconnected for competitive games

“We’ve had the ArmMotus™ M2 for a couple of months now and the patients really enjoy the device. They want to increase their intensity and the device has been fantastic at keeping the patients engaged,” said Dr Hordacre.

“It’s wonderful to partner with the University of South Australia and encourage early usage for students to use within their student-led clinic. Early exposure to technology will definitely pave the way of getting groundbreaking rehabilitation technology as a core part of the future of rehabilitation,” added Ms Sarah Lim.

Fourier Intelligence’s RehabHub™

The ArmMotus™ M2 is part of Fourier Intelligence’s RehabHub™. The RehabHub™ concept integrates the different rehabilitation devices to create a standardised platform for therapists to provide intensive rehabilitation, allowing a streamlined approach to group therapy.

The partnership will focus on investigating the clinical application of technology after a neurological injury such as stroke and spinal cord injuries. Eventually, the partnership will collaborate on multi-centre trials that will involve Fourier Intelligence’s extensive global network of researchers and laboratories.

For media inquiries, please contact:
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Fourier Intelligence
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