Fourier Intelligence Awarded Leading Rehabilitation Technology Enterprise by KPMG

Tech Unicorn, Fourier Intelligence, was awarded the Top 4 Leading Rehabilitation Technology Enterprise by KPMG China

SHANGHAI, October 21, 2021 – Fourier Intelligence was selected and awarded the Top 4 Leading Rehabilitation Technology Enterprise by KPMG and the China Association of Non-Public Health Institutions, co-organised by the Health Sector Strategy in an event that was held in Shanghai recently.

The launch of this event comes as no surprise as KPMG has been paying close attention to the development of the medical industry for a long time. In May 2020, KPMG and the China Association of Non-Public Health Institutions jointly issued the “Rehabilitation Medicine Trends Guide” which reported an annual growth rate of 22.5% in the number of inpatients in rehabilitation in China in the past 10 years. This figure is expected to reach the scale of hundreds of billions in the next couple of years.

The objective of the event was to encourage enterprises to achieve medical and rehabilitation benchmarks and to promote the industry’s best practices. The event also serves as a platform to discuss obstacles that are slowing the industry’s development and explore options for ways to promote high-quality rehabilitation development in China.

In this event ceremony, Fourier Intelligence was recognised and awarded the “Leading Rehabilitation Technology Enterprise Award” for its efforts in developing and promoting rehabilitation technologies these past years. Fourier Intelligence was 1 of the 4 chosen rehabilitation technology enterprises in the whole of China to be given this award.

The award is given based on certain criteria such as core technology, brand reputation, investments in R&D, development potential and social responsibilities. Other criteria such as safety issues and incidents are also considered when awarded with the achievement.

Despite having many top rehabilitation technology companies in China, Fourier Intelligence is the only company from Shanghai to be awarded. “This is a very big milestone for us as a company. To be awarded and acknowledged by one of the most reputable companies in the world is an honour and will definitely motivate us to achieve more in the future.” Said Zen Koh, the co-founder and Global Hub CEO of Fourier Intelligence.

“This award further solidifies Fourier Intelligence’s technology and made all our work in the past few years’ worth it. We are more driven now to promote high-quality rehabilitation technology and make it more accessible to everyone.”

According to KPMG Asia Pacific and China Chairman, Tao Kuangchun, he said “Health is the foundation of economic development and an important symbol of the national prosperity and rejuvenation. We believe that rehabilitation medicine plays a very vital role in maintaining national health and can improve the patients’ quality of life and rebuild their confidence.

“In recent years, the state has paid great attention to rehabilitation medicine and has repeatedly introduced relevant measures to encourage the development of rehabilitation in China,” said Mr Tao.

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