Zen Koh Talks to NR Times About Fourier’s Global Expansions


Fourier Intelligence Co-Founder and Global Hub CEO, Zen Koh, speaks about the company’s headquarters relocation and future expansion into Europe and Australia

SINGAPORE, Nov 30, 2021 – Co-Founder and Global Hub CEO of Fourier Intelligence, Zen Koh, gave NR Times insights to the relocation of the company’s headquarters into the hugely sought-after ‘Silicon Valley of the East’ and its future expansion into Europe and Australia.

Fourier Intelligence will be taking a huge step forward in the company’s ongoing and significant expansion to further increase its prominence on a global scale through establishing new offices in Switzerland and Australia by the end of 2022. This expansion will be supported by some of the leading scientists and R&D leaders to help advance its research and product development even further – adding to its ten subsidiaries and joint research laboratories around the world. Other cities in the future plans of expansion are Chicago, Madrid, and London as well.

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