Fourier Intelligence’s ArmMotus™ EMU Wins ‘Red Dot Design Award’

The SoftBank-funded robotics leader Fourier Intelligence announces their accolade for the 3D upper limb rehabilitation robot from one of the most sought-after industrial design awards, also known as the “Oscar” of the sector

SHANGHAI, April 6, 2022 – Fourier Intelligence announces its Red Dot Design accolade for its 3D upper limb rehabilitation robot, the ArmMotus™ EMU. The device was evaluated by over 50 experts, including independent designers, design professors, and industry media partners based on the merits of its ergonomic design, aesthetics, and product functionality.

The ArmMotus™ EMU is the world’s first 3D back-drivable upper limb rehabilitation robot, setting a new benchmark for intelligent rehabilitation devices. With it being a multifunctional, immersive, end-effector based 3D upper limb rehabilitation robot, the ArmMotus™ EMU brings a whole new experience of robotics rehabilitation therapy to the world.

The design of the ArmMotus™ EMU has redefined the human-machine interaction. It is the first of its kind that applies the end-effector based concept to  3D movements, which makes it multifunctional and transparent. This transparency starts with a cable-driven mechanism, that combines with a 4-linkage structure, which perfectly reduces the friction and inertia during the movement of the system. This design also enables the control system to respond and execute more efficiently.

The device was made possible through industry-academic collaboration by research. The EMU was jointly built by Fourier Intelligence and the University of Melbourne Robotics Laboratory. After numerous studies and assessments from a simple wooden prototype, the ideal device was developed. The device was launched into the market back in September 2021 during the virtual RehabWeek 2021.

With its excellent R&D capabilities and its productivity at the helm of innovation, Fourier Industrial Design Centre was formerly awarded the 2021 Shanghai Design Innovation Centre whilst the ArmMotus™ EMU proved to be a world-leading masterpiece through recognition from its Red Dot Award.

Red Dot is one the most sought-after seals of quality for good design. Also known as the “Oscar” of the sector, the ‘Red Dot Design Award’ stands for its international design competition based on excellence in product designs and concepts by experts.

Aiming to provide a better life for the people through intelligent technology, Fourier Intelligence will continue to invest in research and development of robotic technology to deliver an end-to-end solution for various applications of robots.

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