Fourier Intelligence Extends Rehabilitation Technology to Spain

Fourier Intelligence provides a technological boost to Hospital La Magdalena, Spain with the installation of upper limb rehabilitation technology – ArmMotus™ M2.

SPAIN, JUNE 29, 2022 – As Fourier Intelligence travels across the borders, they provided their very first installation of ArmMotus™ M2 Gen in Hospital La Magdalena, Spain.

With the installation of ArmMotus™ M2 Gen, Hospital La Magdalena will be able to perform diversified task-oriented training with objective assessments and interventions. These include a variety of functional training modes that can assess and train cognition, muscle strength as well as Range of Motion (ROM) of the joints. Furthermore, via its interactive gaming experience, it will make upper limb rehabilitation in Hospital La Magdalena more functional, effective, personalised, and fun.

The advanced rehabilitation technology in Hospital La Magdalena will not only make rehabilitation more enjoyable and effective for patients but also ease the burden of health professionals as rehabilitation can now be individualised and self-monitored. This allows health professionals to help and assist more people at a time with less physical strain of manual facilitation.

At the installation to witness the momentous event was Fourier Intelligence’s Co-founder & Group Deputy CEO, Zen Koh, together with Hospital La Magdalena’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) physician, Dr Juan Vázquez-Díez initiating the start of the partnership. During the launch, after the unsealing of the device, additional team members from Fourier Intelligence conducted clinical application training for the therapists on the use of the equipment.

Fourier Intelligence Group is a global leader in the manufacturing, design and marketing of rehabilitation robotics used to transcend innovative robotics, clinically empowering human ability. The group has achieved encouraging growth and positive developments over the past years. More than 1,000 hospitals and research institutes have successfully installed technology solutions developed by Fourier Intelligence, across 30 countries worldwide.

Training and demonstration of ArmMotus™ M2
Fourier Intelligence & partners in Hospital La Magdalena, Spain

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