Fourier Intelligence Strengthens Partnership with Gulf Medical University, Ajman, UAE

The ongoing development of the global rehabilitation robotics sector has been strengthened further through a new partnership between Fourier Intelligence and Gulf Medical University.

DUBAI, JUNE 30, 2022 – The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will centre around the joint working between the rehabilitation robotics leader and UAE-based university, helping to advance the technology available to patients around the world in their rehabilitation.

The partnership will involve the testing of existing and new products created by Fourier Intelligence, which are already in use globally, and will ensure they are optimised to deliver the best possible outcomes for those who need them.

It will also focus on research ideas, professional development, and teaching, to share knowledge and best practice in the fast-growing field of rehabilitation robotics.

Gulf Medical University, one of the leading private medical university in region, becomes the latest strategic global partner for Fourier Intelligence, which has MoU relationships with academic and clinical sites around the world to bring together expertise to create the highest standards of world-leading robotics.

“We believe collaboration is at the heart of leading the growth of the rehabilitation robotics sector and in making a difference in patients’ lives,” says Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Group Deputy CEO of Fourier Intelligence.

“Gulf Medical University is making a huge impact through its research, and we are very pleased to partner with them. Our MoU will be very important in the further development of new and existing Fourier Intelligence products, which will maximise the rehabilitation potential for people around the world.”

“Working with key partners globally, we want to advance knowledge and bring together expertise to lead the further development of rehabilitation robotics and making these life-changing products available as widely as possible.”

Signing the Memorandum of Understanding between Gulf Medical University and Fourier Intelligence
Group photo between Gulf Medical University and Fourier Intelligence

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