Fourier Intelligence and Akina Strengthens Strategic Partnership

Swiss digital healthcare company Akina joins rehab robotics leader Fourier Intelligence’s network of partners.

SWITZERLAND, 21 JULY 2022 – Fourier Intelligence and Akina strengthened their strategic partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signifying the possibility of including Akina’s immersive digital technology into the ever-expanding product portfolio of Fourier Intelligence.

Akina is a leading developer of medical software to empower patients through artificial intelligence-driven motion coaching and digital gamification technology. Starting as a spin-off from Swiss University ETH Zürich, Akina’s growing team believes long-term patient success comes from education and compelling motivation and develops rehabilitation solutions that are engaging and enjoyable for patients. 

A signing ceremony was held to commemorate the partnership between both parties. The partnership was inked and established by Zen Koh (Fourier Intelligence’s Co-Founder and Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer, Owen Teoh(Fourier Intelligence’s General Manager), Florian Haufe (Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Akina), and Michele Xiloyannis (Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Akina).

Commenting on the partnership, Zen Koh of Fourier Intelligence, said, “our partnership with Florian and Michele’s team complements our existing RehabHub™ portfolio and will make the patient’s journey more engaging and fun.”

Florian Haufe of Akina further emphasized that “Fourier Intelligence is a strong partner and platform for Akina to enter the highly attractive SEA market in the future. Together we can dramatically improve patients’ rehabilitation treatment through integrated robotic and digital care.”

From left to right – Florian Haufe (Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Akina), Zen Koh (Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer (Global Hub) at Fourier Intelligence) and Michele Xiloyannis (Founder and Chief Technical Officer at Akina)

In July 2022, Akina secured CHF 150’000 through the Venture Kick award. The partnership brings Akina another exposure platform, leveraging Fourier Intelligence’s vast network of joint labs and clinicians, ensuring a broad market reach for innovative technologies that complement the different markets. Furthermore, the partnership also increases Fourier Intelligence’s capacity to be one of the most comprehensive rehabilitation solution providers through strategic partnerships with over 30 companies, providing over 190 rehabilitation products and solutions.

Fourier’s global network spans over 50 countries, ensuring a broad market outreach for innovative technologies. With joint laboratories with some of the top research institutes in the world, such as ETH Zürich, the University of Melbourne, and Shirley Ryan AbilityLab in Chicago, Fourier is set to chart the new frontier of innovative medical technologies.

Akina will now be part of Fourier Intelligence’s RehabHubTM. RehabHubTM is a comprehensive rehabilitation concept equipped with highly efficient, compact, modular, interconnected, and cost-effective robots that deliver efficacious functional training using a combination of group therapy and gamification. Akina will heighten that by offering an immersive digital experience and a more integrated service for therapy at home.

Group photo between Fourier Intelligence and Akina on 20 July 2022

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