Fourier Intelligence Makes An Impact at the 13th Annual Malaysian Rehabilitation Medicine Conference 2022

Fourier Intelligence exhibited and spoke at the conference signifying the importance of robotics as part of the future of rehabilitation medicine in Malaysia

KOTA BHARU, MALAYSIA, 4 September 2022 – Fourier Intelligence was part of the 13th Annual Malaysian Rehabilitation Medicine Conference (AMRMC) on 2-3 September 2022, held at the Grand Riverview Hotel, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. The Malaysian Association of Rehabilitation Physicians, Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital, Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital, and Sultan Ismail Petra Hospital jointly organised the event.

The event was held physically after two years of virtual conferences during the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2022 conference theme of “Rehabilitation Medicine: What’s Next?” aims to provide insights into a wide range of innovative existing and future technologies in rehabilitation medicine, highlighting new perspectives and decisions on the services in Malaysia.

Following the conference theme, Fourier Intelligence, alongside distribution partners – Profile Technology Sdn Bhd, showcased what is believed to be the future of rehabilitation medicine through the advancement of technology. The featured products included for the demonstration were BalanceMotus™ KINE-SIM, CycleMotus™ A4, ArmMotus™ EMU, and Myndmove™.

Fourier Intelligence at 13th Annual Malaysian Rehabilitation Medicine Conference (AMRMC)

The technology unicorn was one of the lecture speakers on the broad topic of “Robotics in Rehabilitation”, where Dr Leong Chen Onn, Manager, Scientific Research of Fourier Intelligence spoke on the specifics of “Bridging the gap between clinicians and engineers”. The focus area of the speech highlights the symbiotic relationship between health professionals and robotics, where the adoption of robotics can further enable health professionals to identify the best care for patients through objective assessments and interventions. Furthermore, Dr Leong emphasises the need for strong collaboration and feedback between clinicians and engineers to design rehabilitation robotics that meets the needs of both patients and clinicians.

Speaking in the same session is Dr Norhamizan Hamzah Binti Hamzah from University Malaya who has been working on the clinician and engineering gap alongside Dr Leong in some research studies. The pilot study is currently underway and is expected to be published end of next year.

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