Softbank-backed Fourier Intelligence Wins Another Design Award

Fourier Intelligence’s ArmMotus EMU wins yet another award, this time from the Japan 2022 Good Design Award

JAPAN, 14 OCTOBER 2022The world-class design award, Good Design Award, has recently announced the 2022 winners. Fourier Intelligence’s ArmMotus™ EMU 3D upper body rehabilitation robot stood out from 5715 entries worldwide and gained a spot with its design concept of “functional design”. This not only represents the affirmation of the international design community for the quality of the medtech brand but also recognises the calibre and patient-first attributes of Fourier Intelligence’s products.

As one of the four major global design awards, the Japan Good Design Award is the most comprehensive and acclaimed in Asia, awarding product designs for 72 years running. Its mission is to discover and share with society those designs that can broaden the fields where design can play a role in creating a richer and more creative life. This year’s theme is “From Cross-Interaction toward Symphony”, which is intended to seek designs that can eliminate tangible or invisible barriers, and a total of 1560 award-winning products have been awarded the “G Mark” logo, symbolising the double guarantee of product design and quality.

The ArmMotus™ EMU is the world’s first three-dimensional back-drivable upper limb rehabilitation robot based on end-effector control, setting a new benchmark for intelligent rehabilitation devices. It adopts an innovative cable-driven mechanism, with a hybrid-series parallel rod structure, and applies lightweight carbon fibre materials, thereby reducing the inertia and friction in the robot’s movement.

The robot adopts the force feedback technology developed by Fourier Intelligence to simulate smoother motor control assist-as-needed actions, mimicking the hands of a therapist. The device is suitable for users with upper limb dysfunction caused by nerve, muscle, or bone injuries. It helps achieve motion control training, task-oriented training, and cognitive training in a three-dimensional space, and is also suitable for training on activities of daily life via human-object interaction. By providing users with real-time and dynamic gravity compensation, it brings on a new experience of rehabilitation assessment and training.

The Good Design Award’s committee states that the functional design of the ArmMotus™ EMU will reduce the burden on therapists performing rehabilitation treatment that usually requires repetitive work. Currently, wearable exoskeleton rehabilitation robots will incur psychological and physical demands on both therapists and patients as it requires time for adjustments on different patients. The innovative structural design of the ArmMotus™ EMU not only achieves effective rehabilitation but also allows more degree of freedom for the patient.

Jointly created by Fourier Intelligence and the University of Melbourne Robotics Laboratory, the ArmMotus™ EMU has continuously honed the innovation by carefully assessing users’ expectations and needs for upper limb rehabilitation training. The device is a combined effort from engineers, researchers, clinicians, and patients. The product has taken six years to finally reach its current product design from a laboratory prototype. With its innovative design, the ArmMotus™ EMU has also won the German Red Dot Design Award, the iF Design Award, the Medical Design Excellence Awards and many more this year alone.

Fourier Intelligence is an industry-leading medical technology company, with its international headquarters in Singapore, striving to make technologies mainstream and fully integrate them into the clinical setting to create positive outcomes. Through years of experience in the field, the team has allied with over 40 global technology companies to expand their product portfolio which now amounts to over 200 products. With more than 30 joint laboratories across the globe and sales partners in over 50 countries around the world, Fourier Intelligence believes it is well-positioned to be at the forefront of providing functional high-performing rehabilitation robotic solutions to improve the quality of life of patients.

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