University of Melbourne-Fourier Intelligence Joint Laboratory Co-Director Honoured with IEEE Fellow Distinction

Melbourne, 24th November 2022 – The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has just announced its 2023 Fellows. Professor Ying Tan, Co-Director of the University of Melbourne-Fourier Intelligence Robotics Joint Laboratory, was amongst 319 scientists that were selected. This recognition is given to eminent scholars and scientists who have made substantial contributions to research, teaching, or scholarly efforts. The award recognises Professor Ying Tan’s achievements in rehabilitation robotics.

The IEEE is the world’s largest international professional association for advancing technology for humanity’s benefit. It has remained an essential organisation to technical professionals universally and is recognised for the contributions of technology and improving global conditions. Since its inception in 1963, it has gained over 409,000 members across 160 countries.

Professor Ying Tan obtained the highest grade of membership – the IEEE Fellow. This demonstrates a distinction for the profession that required peers’ nominations and approval by the IEEE Board of Directors. An average of 300 members are selected each year, and the number of elected members shall not exceed 1% of the current year’s total number of IEEE members.

In 2004, Professor Ying Tan joined the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Melbourne. She has since demonstrated significant contributions to the advancement of technology, leading to over 100 published papers in journals and conferences and attracting more than 7 million Australian dollars in research funding.

On top of being the IEEE Fellow, Professor Ying Tan was awarded the Australian Postdoctoral Fellow and Future Fellow in 2006 and 2014, respectively, by the Australian Research Council. Since 2018, she has been a co-director of the successful industry-academic joint lab with Softbank-backed Fourier Intelligence in advancing rehabilitation robotics technology.

Figure 1: Professor Ying Tan is working with Dr Vincent Crocher on the first prototype of the ArmMotus™ EMU

Her current work with Fourier Intelligence focuses on technologies to assist with movement impairments, especially for those with neurological conditions. Her team in Melbourne carries out fundamental and translational research for rehabilitation robotics. The ArmMotus™ EMU was a successful commercialisation project from the lab. 

Figure 2: The finalised ArmMotus™ EMU from the University of Melbourne-Fourier Robotics Joint Laboratory

“We are pleased to congratulate Professor Ying Tan on her recent appointment as a Fellow by the IEEE,” said Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Global CEO of Fourier Intelligence, Co-Director of the University of Melbourne-Fourier Robotics Joint Laboratory. “Ying has led, as co-director, research that resulted in successful technology transfer. The award-winning ArmMotus EMU is just one such example. She is a well-deserving recipient for her impactful contributions to rehabilitation robotics, and we look forward to working with her in future joint efforts.”

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Fourier Intelligence is a technology-driven company, infusing creativity into developing exoskeleton and rehabilitation robotics since 2015. Together with researchers, therapists, and patients, Fourier Intelligence aims to excel in developing and redefining rehabilitation robotics solutions with inter-connectable intelligent robotics technology by elevating user experience with an intuitive, easy-to-use system to enhance the lives of both patients and therapists.

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