ArmMotus™ M2 Pro
Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robotics

ArmMotus™ M2 Pro, a new generation of upper limb rehabilitation robotics, adopts the new all-in-one design making it smaller and sleeker. Through the world's leading force feedback algorithm and high-performance motor, it simulates an excellent mechanical environment for the users.

Varieties of Training Modes

Motor Control Training

Isometric Training

Joint-targeted Training

Unilateral Training

Cognitive Training

Dynamic Strength Training

Compound Functional Training

Bilateral Training

Brand New All-in-one Design

30% reduction in area occupancy yet maintaining the same training surface area

Ultra-Thin Training Platform

40% thickness reduction, allowing more room for shoulder movement

Quick switch between training handles to meet different rehabilitation needs

Cylindrical handle

Ball handle

Fingertip handle

Bilateral handle

Customised Trajectory

To create limitless possibilities

Performance Upgrade

The high-performance motion control card provides high quality audio, visual and kinesthetics feedback to the users. ArmMotus™ M2 Pro integrates immersive and interactive games into rehabilitation through goal-oriented training with progressive difficulty as well as accurate evaluation and data analysis.

Imagination to Innovation


Digitised and Quantifiable Training

This device supports multi-dimensional functionality assessment and the training parameters are recommended based on the intelligent evaluation results. The report analysis is automatically generated at the end of each training to provide quantitative data reference for rehabilitation therapy.

Six Dimensions of Safety Protection

Force Limitation Protection

Emergency Stop

Position Limitation Protection

Foreign Object Detection

Overload Protection

Electronic Fence