BalanceMotus™ KINE-SIM

BalanceMotus™ KINE-SIM is a balance and gait rehabilitation device composed of two motorised force plates that move in sync with multimedia content reproducing several real-life scenarios to exercise balance, gait, lower body orthopaedics, and cognitive tasks.

Ease of Use

Step-on platform and user-friendly software ensuring a short setup time. Intuitive hardware and software design allowing the operator to set the user up in as short as 1 minute.

Interactive Exercise

High-sensibility pressure sensors for centre of balance analysis and interactivity. The report with objective measurement providing quantifiable and easy to understand method for the users to visualise their conditions and progression of training.

Limits of Stability

The points at which the centre of gravity approaches the limits of the base of support.

Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction in Balance

Assesses sensory contributions to postural control and observing the user’s attempt to maintain balance.


Climbing stairs by shifting the body weight and challenging the user with higher resistance.


Challenges the user’s reaction time while attempting to maintain their balance.

Immersive Training

The dual independent dynamic platform move in sync with multimedia content on a monitor can simulate different scenarios in daily life, allowing the training to be interactive, immersive and fun.

Sports & Exercise

Unipodal Movement


Bipodal Movement

Sports & Exercise

Unipodal Movement


Bipodal Movement

Abundant Therapies

The vast options of gamified training allowing the device to target users of different needs.