CycleMotus™ H1
Intelligent Electric Pedal Trainer

Suitable for Home Training | Three Training Modes | Upper and Lower Limbs

Three Training Modes

CycleMotus™ H1 intelligent electric pedal trainer provides different modes to improve joint mobility, muscle strength and aerobic training.


Smart mode

Uses the residual muscle strength of the user to participate actively


Passive mode

Relaxes muscles, maintains joint movements, reduces spasms, and improves circulation


Active mode

Only involve active force, strengthen muscle and cardiovascular system, improve endurance, and coordination

Training for Upper and Lower Limbs in Various Training Scenarios

The handle is designed for both the hands and feet, allowing users to train in sitting or lying down position. Users can train their upper limb in sitting, lower limb in sitting and lower limb in supine position.

Seamless Training in One Click

After booting, there is no need to adjust the training parameters. The device intelligently synchronises the last training settings for a seamless training.

Large screen display
touch screen control

Infrared Remote Control

More Thoughtful Design

Smart Spasm Protection
Prevent joint muscle damage

Infrared remote control
As simple as watching TV

HD large screen display
The data is clearly visible

Curved base
More stable and safer