Active and Passive Training System for Upper and Lower Limbs

CycleMotus™ product series is the perfect solution for upper and lower limbs training. It covers different rehabilitation needs with a variety of design and therapy such as the bedside version for the acute stages, active and passive training for the sub-acute stages, and resistance training for the chronic stages. CycleMotus™ covers the whole continuum of rehabilitation for users in different age groups.

CycleMotus™ Series

CycleMotus™ A4

CycleMotus™ B2L

CycleMotus™ A4K

Three Training Modes for Different Training Needs

Passive Mode (MMT 0)

Relaxes muscles, maintains joint movement, reduces spasms, and improves blood circulation

Intelligent Mode (MMT 1-2)

Uses the residual muscle strength of the user to participate actively

Active training (MMT 3-5)

Only involve active force, strengthens the muscles and cardiovascular system, improves endurance and coordination

Perfect Solution to Cover The Whole Continuum of Rehabilitation

Early Stage Bedside

CycleMotus™ B2L

Mid Stage Upper Limb

CycleMotus™ A4

Mid Stage Lower Limb

CycleMotus™ A4

Late Stage Home Use

CycleMotus™ H1

Abundant Training Modes to Provide Training in Different Positions

Upper Limb Training - Sitting

Lower Limb Training - Sitting

Lower Limb Training - Supine

Cross Cycling

Sync Cycling

Horizontal Training

10" Touch Screen Display with Intelligent Training

Situational interactive games

Multiple Safety Protection, Ensuring Best Training Experience

Self-check Function

Every time the machine is turned on, the machine will self-check automatically to ensure that the machine is in the best condition

Real-time Spasm Detection

The device will gradually reduce its speed to zero and switch the direction of cycling

Audio prompt

Training with voice prompt, safer to use

Emergency Stop Button

Stop the device during any emergency to ensure the safety of the user

24V Medical Power Supply

Built-in 24 V medical power module, medical-grade low voltage is safer and more reliable