ArmMotus™ EMU
3D Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robotics

ArmMotus™ EMU is a 3D back-drivable upper limb rehabilitation robot that adopted an innovative cable-driven mechanism, combined with a parallel structure made of lightweight carbon fibre rods which perfectly reduces the friction and inertia of the device. This enables the control system to respond and execute more efficiently, resulting in higher compliance in human-machine interaction.

Covers the Whole Continuum of Rehabilitation

ArmMotus™ EMU is indicated for the upper limb disability caused by neurological disorder or musculoskeletal disorder. The force feedback technology enables the device to simulate the therapist's hands. It supports the user to adjust the assistance or resistance according to different rehabilitation needs.

Neurological Disorder

Musculoskeletal Disorder


Passive Mode (0 MMT Score)

Create conscious linkage

Assistive Mode (1-2 MMT Score)

Induce active participation

Active Mode (3 MMT Score)

Optimise motor control

Resistive Mode ( 4-5 MMT Score)

Improve muscle power

Strength Training

Adjustable resistance challenges the user to improve their strength.

ROM Training

Improve the ROM of shoulder and elbow joints.

ADL Training

Simulate activities of daily living.

Cognitive Training

Improve user’s cognition with perception, attention training.

Motor Control

Improve motor control ability through goal-oriented training.

Bilateral Training

Coordinative movement and bilateral training.

Quantifiable Training

ArmMotus™ EMU can perform assessment and training. It can precisely measure every movement trajectory, strength, cognitive ability, ROM, motor control ability and generate a report after the training. The quantifiable data allows the therapist to understand the user's progression and better plan for the therapy.

ROM Assessment

Training Trajectory Analysis

Gravity Compensation

Combining Actual Object

Bilateral Training

Compliant Motion Control Support All Training Modes

ArmMotus™ EMU supports easy training setup in sitting and standing position as well as accommodating different training arms. It integrates different scenarios in the game so that users can train on strength, motor control and joint ROM in one training, making the whole rehabilitation process more efficient.

Force Feedback Technology

The force feedback technology can simulate different force environments that can be integrated into the training making them more interesting, immersive and motivating. The real-time visual, audio, and haptic feedback can diversify the training and provides intuitive guidance to the users.

Motor Control

ADL Training

Reaction Training

ROM Training

Strength Training

Bilateral Training

Personalised Therapy

ArmMotus™ EMU provides abundant therapies for the compound movement of the shoulder and elbow joints. A therapist can tailor a targeted therapy according to the patient's training outcomes and needs by customising the training trajectory.

(Bottom R to Top L)

(Bottom L to Top R)

Shoulder Extension

Shoulder Adduction

Shoulder Adduction & Internal Rotation

Shoulder Adduction & External Rotation

Shoulder Flexion

Shoulder Abduction

Shoulder Abduction & Internal Rotation

Shoulder Abduction & External Rotation

Elbow Flexion

Elbow Extension