Hand Function Rehabilitation Robotics

HandyRehab™ is an intelligent hand rehabilitation robotic glove that targets the fine motor skills of the user by providing various functional finger movement training. It is portable, lightweight and also provides human-computer interactions by integrating electromyographic biofeedback technology.

One of the World’s Lightest Wireless Robotic Gloves

Equivalent to a weight of a can of soda

Variety of Creative Training Combination

Joint ROM Training

Stretching Training

Fine Motor Skill Training

Strength Training

ADL Training


Different Training Modes to Meet Different Rehabilitation Needs

Passive Training

Mirror Therapy

Active-assistive Training

Quantifiable Training

Key performance indicators are recorded in real-time, therefore improvements can be shown in an instant. The report is automatically generated after each training so that the therapist can better understand the user’s rehabilitation process.

Wireless, Light and Portable

HandyRehab™ can act as an assistive device for daily living. HandyRehab™ can assist users to conduct training with any household objects and tasks to restore their hand function hence improving the quality of their daily life.