WristMotus™ M1-W
Wrist Joint Rehabilitation Robotics

WristMotus™ M1-W targets on the wrist joint by providing training that mimics the activities of daily living (ADL). For example, forearm pronation and supination, wrist ulnar and radial deviation, flexion, and extension. It complements the ArmMotus™ M2 Gen and Pro by offering gross motor training for the upper limb.


WristMotus™ M1-W is integrated with various functional training which is suitable for users with muscle power of 0 to 5. It implements the revolutionary treatment of combining motion control training with cognitive training and muscle strength training with ADL training.

Passive Training

Assistive Training

Active Training

Resistive Training

Cognitive Training

ROM Training

Motor Control Training

Strength Training

Attention Training

Isometric Training

ADL Training

More Functions

Easy to Understand Graphical Report

Fourier Intelligence's robotics are integrated with high-precision force and position sensors to measure every movement. The device can measure a user's performance from multiple prospects, including the range of motion, strength, cognition, response time, etc. These analyses and training reports should be considered to ensure better training outcome. The auto-generated training reports provide measurable results for the user's and therapist’s reference.

Range of Motion Assessment

Maximum Force Monitoring

Active Ratio Monitoring

Interactive Gamification Experience

The diversified games are able to simulate different realistic scenarios with the combination of visual, audio and kinesthetics inputs to escalate the user’s experience to the next level and motivate the active participation of the user. Compared to the conventional rehabilitation process which can be boring, the user can now overcome this by completing their rehabilitation process through gaming.

Accessories for Different Functions

A variation of accessories can meet different user requirements. The therapist can select the most suitable accessory according to the user’s needs and training outcome.

Forearm Pronation and Supination
Wrist Flexion and Extension
Doorknob Turning
Radial and Ulnar Deviation

Advance Crafts with Advance Technologies

Precise motion control module

Outstanding floating-point processor

Highly sensitive force sensor

Precise and efficient transmission system

Triple Safety Protection

At Fourier Intelligence, the user’s safety is our main concern. The robot's control system can continuously sense the user's muscle tension, which can automatically detect possible complications and deal with them. When the user is overloaded during the training process, the robot gradually reduces its speed until it stops to ensure safety during the training process.

Emergency Stop

Overload Protection

Electronic Fence